10 June 2009

Need you tonight

Murray's psychogenic needs outline our core motivations. According to Murray, all people have these needs, but each individual tends to have a certain level of each need:

1 | Ambition Needs

Achievement Success, accomplishment, and overcoming obstacles
Exhibition Shocking or thrilling other people
Recognition Displaying achievements and gaining social status
2 | Materialistic Needs
Acquisition Obtaining things
Construction Creating things
Order Making things neat and organized
Retention Keeping things
3 | Power Needs
Abasement Confessing and apologizing
Autonomy Independence and resistance
Aggression Attacking or ridiculing others
Blame Avoidance Following the rules and avoiding blame
Deference Obeying and cooperating with others
Dominance Controlling others
4 | Affection Needs
Affiliation Spending time with other people
Nurturance Taking care of another person
Play Having fun with others
Rejection Rejecting other people
Succorance Being helped or protected by others
5 | Information Needs
Cognizance Seeking knowledge and asking questions
Exposition Education others