14 May 2009

Collector's paradise

Take a peek at this beautiful house is on Connaught Square, London, selling for a mere £3.75 million. I'm in love.

"Dorothy and Hendrick now wish to sell the house and downsize, but you can't help wondering where they're going to put everything. It would take a delivery van just for the furniture, another for the paintings and then there are the African masks, Fornasetti plates and Venetian glass vases.

Nina laughs that when she brought school friends home they were always shocked. 'My parents were these mad hippies and there was all this stuff. Friends said that it was like visiting the Addams Family.' "

"... Dali lips sofa in the hall, a Bugatti chair on the top floor, the Tom Dixon 'pylon' desk and chair in the office, a gorgeous dolls'-house-style Fornasetti drinks cabinet and another remarkable Fornasetti rope cabinet in the drawing room.

There are touches of Art Nouveau in the kitchen's copper fireplace and Art Deco in the polished zebra wood cabinet in the sitting room.

The ground-floor kitchen is dominated by a remarkable glass and steel table with stacked glass legs, again by Lane, who used a similar technique for the staircase in the glass gallery at the Victoria & Albert museum.

Behind the table is a huge Louis Maxwell painting from the Seventies. The walls of the hall are lined with masks and plates and abstract art, including an Andy Warhol print.

Still, it is the first-floor drawing room that best represents the house, filled as it is with striking furniture, paintings, sculpture and Hendrick's passion, glass. He has hundreds of examples of modern Italian glass, including pieces by Fantoni and Cenedese."
{source: Daily Mail}