22 September 2009

Our Mamma

Tonight my grandmother passed away.  She was 80.  Poor Mamma.  I'd like to remember her infinite grace, wit and courage.  A passionate gardener, she lived in Grace Kelly-esque shirt-maker dresses and she smoked Longbeaches by the packet.  When she met my grandfather she instantly fell in love with this "mere farmer" and in a grand fit of rebellion married him against her parents wishes.  On after school visits I picked strawberries in her garden, broke two sewing machines, and secretly sipped from her can of Fosters beer.  She had a mind a sharp as a tack, even to the end I would find myself wading through her encyclopedias, looking up topics from Svengali to Patrick White.  When I was young she would make sponge cake and sing "Light My Fire", "Sylvia's Mother" or other long forgotten tunes that were caught in her mind.  I had no idea who the Doors or Dr. Hook were.  A closet feminist, and pillar of strength, she will be remembered and missed.  Jessica and I head back to Rockhampton tomorrow to say our goodbyes.