11 December 2009

Creating God in our own image

What would Jesus do?  Turns out he would do exactly what "I" would do.  A study indicates that people’s view of what God wants is actually a projection of their own beliefs and opinions. This isn't particularly surprising, but it's interesting that there is research to back it up. Article is here.

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"The first brain image shows the difference between thinking about your own opinions and thinking about the average American's opinions. You can see that some bits light up, indicating that there is a difference between the two thought processes. The brain recognises that the average American has a different opinion.
Looking next the brain image, which shows thinking about God's opinions compared with the average American's. Again, some differences. According to this brain, God does not think the same as an average American.
Now look at the last brain image in the panel. This takes the brain activity of someone thinking of their own opinion, and subtracts that from the brain activity of that same person thinking of god's opinions. And guess what? They are exactly the same."