31 December 2009

Thank you 2009

Interesting year.  I must reflect.  Can't help it.  So this year...
- diving
- poached an egg, once
- learnt 3 new pieces on piano
- book club
- jet skiing
- learnt how to use photoshop
- finally bought a MacBook Pro
- paid back my travel debt
- ran 15 km
- finally bought an LP player
- learnt to paint with gouache
- slept on the roof
And now for the more interesting "low points of 2009" list
- got banned from family apartment for a month
- didn't run a marathon, surprise surprise
- didn't quit smoking
- killed/starved 6 agavis, and I estimate 5 palms
- went completely broke
- and not too smart - deciding to create Law of Evidence notes in pictorial form
Ah memories.  Many thanks and much love to everyone who contributed to the memories above listed!

* Note: this post was edited because I wrote it about a week ago, and then it automatically published it