11 March 2011

Hot plate heaven at the green hotel

I like breakfast plates:

But I especially like tectonic plates:

{ especially when depicted in size-14 futura font }

Naturally I've been thinking of them lately (disasters in New Zealand and Japan), and I've also been thinking about the importance geology in altering human development (thank you BBC's How the Earth Made Us). We’ve always chosen to build our homes along the edges of fault lines and plate boundaries - places which for thousands of years have provided the resources needed for civilisation to flourish.

"We continue all over the world, to understand how human beings are attracted to fault lines for copper, as well as water and many other resources that allow civilisations to flourish, they also helped change the very way we lived our lives. Even if they are dangerous. But what’s perhaps strangest of all is that we haven’t learnt our lesson – in fact little has changed over the past 10000 years. Half of the largest cities on Earth still lie along fault lines and plate boundaries. That’s even more surprising when you consider that we now know exactly what we’re living with."