28 November 2011

Music | Spraaaawl

I always find it weird when my favourite song on an album is the least promoted. When I listened to Arcade Fire's 'The Suburbs' when it was released last year, I instantly fell in love with the song Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains). Now, over a year later, I'm looking for the official music video.... and.... nothing. Huh? This is a fan-made edit:

But as a well-meaning viewer on YouTube said:

2:49 is like meating god (sic)

What is it about this song that I find so addictive? Perhaps just a longing for 80s dream pop combined with a misspent youth watching The Mysterious Cities of Gold on repeat.

25 November 2011

Shut up and listen

Jacques Thibaud plays franck violin sonata with his friend Alfred Cortot. Recorded on May 1929.

24 November 2011

Film | That moonglow

“The Glow and the Gloom” showcases the most stunning garments of S/S 2011. It combines elements of performance, music and light design. A suggested narrative creates a loose structure around our heroine within a sinister yet beautiful world. Guided by a never revealed power, our heroine moves around her surroundings, revealing a dark and brooding world.

I think this is the best lighting design I've ever seen in a film. It was inspired by Henri-Georges Clouzot's unfinished film L'enfer, starring Romy Schneider (below).

21 November 2011

Music | Connan Mockasin

Hail thee, the new masters of psychedelic whimsy. This is the shit.

11 November 2011

King Harvest has surely come

I was reading about Jessica Helfand, who together with William Drenttel form Winterhouse, a design studio in Northwest Connecticut. She is Senior Critic at Yale School of Art, where she is an Associate Fellow in Jonathan Edwards College.

Watch this video!  Even if you're not interested in what they say about design, their house is perfection.  And they have my favourite dogs!