31 January 2012


{ Piotr Kamler's 'Chronopolis' }

Awesome. Special. Effects.

30 January 2012

Dive in

Sark wrote this as her first self-published piece of artwork as a description of how she intended to live her life each day.  It became a best-selling poster and Stark has now written over 11 books.

17 January 2012

This is not a suit

This Is Not A Suit (2010) United Kingdom (Directors: Adrien Sauvage, Chris Gaunt, and Jon Clements; Screenwriters: Adrien Sauvage and Madeleine Morlet) - An instructional guide to the art of dressing that explores the creative quandaries of the mind. Who is the designer? Well, we will look into that. Here we learn the principles of easy dressing as you have not seen them before.

Reminds me of The Perfect Human.  Stunning cinematography.